My Approach

If you are looking for a quick web fix to your golfing problems then you are not going to get it here!

The John Cook approach is based on the individual not one method catching all.

He believes in identifying a players strengths and weaknesses and then playing to the strengths and working on the weaknesses.

"I like to take time to assess the pupil, making sure that my advice will improve the player's game. Once I have made the technique improvements we work on those changes and only those changes. I have found that giving a golfer, whatever their standard, too much information can have a negative rather than positive affect."

There is no doubt that John Cook is one of the world's leading teachers of the short game.

"We hear all the time about driving distances and how everyone is striving for those extra yards off the tee. The reality is, whether you are a high handicapper or the world's number one, shots from around 100 yards and in are the difference between winning and finishing well down the field.So the quickest way to lower scores is to improve your short game. I have yet to come across any pupil that has not improved their scores after a short game lesson from me."

John is only too aware that golf is as much a mental game as a physical one. So he prepares his pupils to face these challenges making sure that they believe in themselves which will ultimately reflect in the freedom of their play.

Gary Player Quote: In my opinion, John Cook is one of the best golf coaches in the world, especially for the short game.

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